Will You Help a Neighbor So No One Dies Alone? — 3 Comments

  1. I plan on coming to one of the informational meetings. I’ve been looking for more volunteer opportunities.

  2. I can only work in Estacada as I am an older women myself and alone, I would be happy to help when I can, but wouldn’t mind just not being there when they pass, but to befriend a lonely person. because I know myself, I have no help for myself, my children have told me they just don’t care, and unless I can find someone to help me, I am stuck, I am 71, a widow, on my SS, and don’t have much money to live on and my old house is falling down around me, I need help to sale everything and the house and move to a place here in town where I can live out my life, but I want to help anyone who I can, I did that as a living, I went to people’s home’s to take care of them , and also to be there to help the family’s and the person out when passing away, even spent the night, so the family wouldn’t be alone and the person wouldn’t ether. phone 5036306844, I don’t drive at night.