There is No Honor Among Thieves Like Charlie and Ginger — 8 Comments

  1. These two are like kids.they only want something if the other has it and if they lose it then the one without grabs something that belongs to the one that stole from them. Too funny Lura! Keep them coming it makes my night.

    • That’s exactly how they act! They squabble like toddler siblings half the day, but they hate to be without each other. 🙂 Glad they give you a laugh!

  2. This is a nice story for small sibling’s to read as well as adult’s. It reminded me of quarrel’s with my sibling’s when i was a child with mother’s intervention as the negotiator which made thing’s worse. Solid lesson to youngster’s about sharing, but would definently need animated picture’s and caption’s of Charlie and Ginger for child’s attention getter. Well done Lura……

    • Lol. Mom’s don’t stand a chance some days, do they, Richard? Actually, I am visiting with Ginger’s owner, Michelle, about working together. She’s a cartoonist! I predict more silliness from Charlie Stop-It and Ginger Houdini in the future. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Funny story! love the pictures you caught of the two and the action between charlie and ginger are having so much fun together i almost don’t want to part them when we get home! they are so silly! and i love your script for the dogs, the Nanner nanner nanner! made me laugh out loud! keep up the great work! 😀

  4. Thanks, Michelle. I can’t wait for you to see them together with your own eyes. You won’t believe it after all their reluctance to become friends. I don’t know what they will do when Ginger goes home.

  5. It’s sad to think that sweet-looking creatures like those have the minds of career criminals. Suggestion, don’t leave unattended food such as stuffed greenpeppers to cool on you kitchen counter. Also, when exiting the shower don’t then bend over to wipe off your feet. They’ll cold-nose you for sure and it will be no laughing matter.

    • Isn’t that the truth? I must read Pinocchio to them so they can hear what happens to youngsters that lead debauched lives. It’s funny you mention coming out of the shower. The other day Tim was showering and I heard him say, “Charlie, what are you doing in my shower?” Lol. Maybe our pup was just worried about b.o.